For 2019 half yearly exam


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CLASS_3_EVS_Water O_ water!

CLASS_3_EVS_Our first school

CLASS_3_EVS_Poonam’s day out

CLASS_3_EVS_the plant fairy

CLASS_3_EVS_chhotu’s house

CLASS_3_EVS_Foods we eat

CLASS_3_EVS_Saying without speaking

CLASS_3_EVS_From here to there

CLASS_3_EVS_its raining

CLASS_3_EVS_Work we do

CLASS_3_EVS_Flying high


CLASS_3_EVS_Sharing our feelings

CLASS_3_EVS_Games we play

CLASS_3_EVS_Making pots


class_3_evs_a beautiful cloth

class_3_evs_a house like this

class_3_evs_drop by drop

class_3_evs_families can be different

class_3_evs_games we play

class_3_evs_here comes a letter

class_3_evs_left right

class_3_evs_making pots

class_3_evs_our friend animals

class_3_evs_sharing our feelings

class_3_evs_the story of food

class_3_evs_web of life

worksheet 3rd evs